That is me,always happy!
That is me,always happy!

You now  the girl who somehow knows where that little street in Nairobi is where to buy cute outfits for a song,cutlery for bargain prices and pastries that will take your taste buds to heaven and back.

That is me.

Yes,it is true,recovering from a Pinterest addiction is a work in progress.

Always on the look out for how to live an inspiring life while inspiring others is how Maridadi Living was born.

I scour the web for ideas on anything and everything a woman could be interested it.

Then i write about it so others can learn.

I love teaching women about everything from taking care of themselves,to running homes to just being the most amazing people on the planet.

That is why i started Maridadi.

It is Swahili for beautiful.

We are all beautiful in our own unique special ways .

On this page we celebrate being women and I love writing about women doing amazing things.

If you are one write to us,you may just change someones life with your story.

You get everything  from tech,to food to tips  nurturing your child’s musical talent

So read on and enjoy.

And when Maridadi has become Africa’s lifestyle magazine of choice,we will pop champagne to the amazing journey we have had.

Spare some time to let me know what you think,say hi or write a guest blog post.



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