Everyone  wants flawless clear skin.

Especially women as they get past their 20’s want clear flawless,supple skin.

But sometimes our efforts at keeping smooth blemish free skin are thwarted by the foods we eat.

This is the reason i  went on a little research trip to find out what i need to consume in moderation if i want blemish free skin as i get older.


It dehydrates your skin  by causing the water you consume to be metabolized before it reaches the skin.This will result in a dry flaky skin if you imbibe a lot.

Alcohol also conrtibutes to lack of sleep and the resulting dehydration from consuming too much alcohol will result in wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity.

The amount and frequency of alcohol consumption matter, as too much alcohol enlarges your blood vessels and interferes with your brain’s ability to control these vessels .

Alcohol also reduces the amount of nutrients getting absorbed  into your skin which will result in dry skin.

It  impairs your immune system and leaves your body susceptible to infections.

For women especially, we need to be more careful about the amount of alcohol we  take,not more than 175 ml of wine of ABV 13%

A woman’s body takes  longer to process alcohol than a man’s, and when it does, it is not as efficient.

If a man and a woman of the same weight take alcohol ,the woman’s body will have a higher amount of acohol than a man’s.

Sticking to the lower guidelines of alcohol consumption for women will see them enjoying better skin for longer.

Keeping hydrated as you enjoy your favourite tipple will  keep your skin hydrated.


I love coffee and Kenya is world famous for its Arabica coffee that is exported all over the world , i take at least a cup a day.

For some people , the combination of coffee and milk may lead to breakouts of acne.

If you happen to be one of them,then keeping  coffee off your diet  would do your skin good.

Coffee is  a diuretic and dehydrates your body causing your skin  not to get water that helps keep it supple.

If you take more than a cup of coffee everyday, make sure you take a glass of water for every cup of coffee you consume to keep your skin looking pretty.



A diet that is high in sugar activates enzymes that reduce healthy collagen.

The result of too much sugar in your diet is wrinkled and sagging skin.

Sugar is also bad for your teeth so make sure your swish water around your mouth after consuming sugary foods to remove build up that could lead to   tooth decay and  other gum related conditions.

4.Spicy Foods

Consuming a lot of spicy foods increases your metabolism  and these can be especially harmful to sensitive individuals as it may result in skin rashes.

5.Artificial sweeteners and colors

These have no nutritional value and some may irritate your skin if you are highly sensitive.Consumption of sweet and sugary foods also fosters sugar cravings which hinder intake of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits which are what your skin needs to keep it healthy.

Since artificial food colors are not excreted by your body they get stored in your body tissues and this may sometimes  result in skin break outs.


When consumed in moderation carbohydrates provide the much needed energy the body needs,however when intake is in excess it results in damage to collagen  as well as overproduction of glucose and insulin which can cause wrinkling and sagging.

It is why consumption of whole grains is encouraged as they contain antioxidants which reduce skin inflammation.

If you have any additions to this list or experiences you would want to share,pease feel free to share with us in the comments.



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