Technology gives us the power to change the world.Lets start by changing ourselves-Randi Zuckerberg

This book by Randi Zuckerberg is a gem  if you social media is one of your interest areas .

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Incidentally the book i have has as its cover the exact photo i used for this blog post.

Written by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, it is the perfect guide to socially navigating the digital age as President of Lucas Film,Kathleen Kennedy says on the book cover.

It is packed full of good and  reasonable advice for newbies on the social media scene as well as experts.

I especially liked the way Randi weaves stories of her life within and outside of Facebook  ,with advice on navigating social media as a parent ,  a career woman and  a business woman.

The book is divided into chapters covering everything from personal use of social media ,to career ,doing  good for other people as well as the the possibilities technology holds for the future..

Since i have a very keen interest in social media,my copy of the book is filled with highlighted text areas of what resonated really well with me.

Some of the moments in the book that stick out for me are when she talks of her  time at Facebook when Randi introduces to us the idea of the the hackathons they had at Facebook.Every month the people at Facebook stayed up all night working on their passion projects which they had to present to the entire company the next day after which they would have a pancake breakfast.

Now that is what i call chutzpah!

Randi also gives us an insider view of why Facebook is such a phenomenal success.

Facebook is incredibly powerful as a service precisely because people use their real names,identities and interests.From the start ,this was one of the  biggest competitive advantages over rival social networking sites.

She reminds us that the value of social media is not in the number of followers we collect but rather in the depth of relationships we build.

It is also not lost on me that she is especially proud of her Jewish heritage and talks about it when she attended the Word Economic Forum in 2010,Davos ,Switzerland .The Forum hosts a Jewish Shabat Dinner to mark the start of the Jewish sabbath and Randi was asked t sing the Yerushalayim shel Zahav( a tribute to the beauty of Jerusalem)

The book  is a reminder that the power of social media is in the  authentic  relationships we build online,those  human connections that  make life so wonderfully worth living.

Have you read the book,share with us your thoughts.



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