Over 65 years after Capri pants came onto the fashion scene,they are seeing a re emergence.

They are the close fitting calf length tapered trousers you have been seeing around town.

And like all good things they have a story that starts in Europe in 1948.

Sonja De Lennart named them after a famous island in Italy and they were first worn by one of my favorite movie stars Grace Kelly.

Over 65 years later they still remain a fashion classic.

So who can wear them  how do you wear them?

Capri 2

Anyone can wear Capri’s,for shorter people like myself think of creating a long vertical line with your silhouette inroder to create an illusion of height.

Stick to plain ,straight leg cuts and steer clear of cuffs and pockets if you are short.

Capri’s are best worn with tops that fall just below your waist line not further than that.

Capri’s are best worn with stilettos especially if you are short to give you some height.

Choose capris in colors that complement your skin tone,classic colors like  black,grey and white work for most skin tones.

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