phone et If you  use public transport  a lot you will relate to what i am talking about today .

Yes,those conversations we unabashedly and openly take an interest in when someone receives a call.

Save from covering your ears,you are forced to listen to a one sided conversation that sometimes carries on for too long and may sometimes border on the plainly embarrassing .

But are there ways we can   thoughtfully make use of our  of mobile phones  especially when we are in public places?

1.The first thing to remember should be that your phone is just a little device that helps you communicate with family,friends,business or work associates.It is not your  life.Don’t let it control you.

2.When in public  speak softly.

3.If you are attending a meeting or having an activity where your mobile phone need to be switched off,please do switch it off.

4.Don’t make , take phone calls  or text in places like church,while in a restaurant ,movie theater,hospital or while driving

5.Use proper language when out in public and are on phone.

6.When you are out shopping ,don’t make the service staff wait for you as you finish a phone call,it is rude.

7.When you have to receive an urgent phone call and you are in the company of others,move at least 3 meters away from them while you receive your call.

Good mobile phone etiquette is all a matter of being thoughtful,considerate and respectful of those around you.

Anything else we may have left out?share your thoughts and ideas in our comments,we would love to hear from you.

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