Female models walking on catwalk
Female models walking on catwalk

You get invited to the Paris  fashion week,knowing how packed it is going to be you want the front row seats

Getting there you make  a bee line for the front row seats,they are all labeled reserved and the only seats left vacant are the two last rows.

Why you ask yourself?

There is a reason for that and i am going to let you in on the secret.

Fashion show seating arrangements are a culture by themselves.

The seating logic is pretty simple when it comes to seating arrangements,the more important you are the closer you are to the all the action.

The golden tickets are the front row seats,that is where you find top  fashion writers,photographers,invited guests and celebrities.

Friends of the designer ,interns and other guests then  sit at the back or even stand.

Making seat arrangements is the preserve of a PR agency,don’t harbor any hard feeling towards the designer if you happen to be friends.

Do you have any questions or comments,we would be happy to answer them.Or just leave a comment to say you passed by.



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