The Lost Life of Eva Braun is the apt  title of the  book about Adolf Hitler’s mistress and later wife.

Yes,he did get married on the 29th of April 1945 a day before they both committed suicide.

The biography written from accounts of close friends and family is written by  Angela Lambert whose mother grew up in Germany and would have been about Eva’s age.

The writer bases her accounts of Germany at that time from recollections of people who lived during that time to give us a sense of the period through which Eva Braun lived.

Eva was also a an amateur photographer ,there are hundreds of photos of her and the people who lived and moved with Hitler as well as film footage of life at the Berghof,Hitlers country home.

From reading the book ,it is an attempt by the author to help us see and maybe wonder how Eva ,a girl who had one of the sweetest personalities and dispositions fell for a man like Hitler.

But more than that the book maybe may help us question our apparent helplessness lack of interest in the face of evil.

A quote form the book may help us understand this.

Our consciences can tolerate and ignore the most excruciating suffering as long as it isn’t happening infront of us.When considering individuals it must be within the context of the fallabilities and frailties of their  lives.They cannot be judged in isolation from the environment that nurtures them.

Another one:

“Wars might be caused by weak or morally cretinous people but they are fought and endured by very decent one “-Günter Ralle a  former Luftwaffe Pilot

Apparently as human beings we seem only to be affected by the immediate environment around us.

How Eva Braun continued to love a man like Hitler and was not scandalized by what was going on with the Jews  baffled me.

Atrocities being committed the world over only have any meaning if they have an immediate effect in our lives.

We carry on with our lives blissfully unaware of what is happening anywhere else.

That is why the massacres in Turkana have elicited an uproar no where else except on social media,twitter to be specific.

Because the gory pictures are being shared.

The same attitude is also evident in the fight against terror,no one but the people who have lived and survived a terrorist attack can relate to the horrors they have lived through.

Reading the accounts of Eva’s life it is very evident that she was very far removed from the happenings in Nazi Germany at the time and her life consisted of shopping,swimming and being Hitlers companion at the time he was at the Berghof.

Meanwhile all over Germany Jews were being throw into concentration camps,massacred and fleeing for the lives.

At the end of it all almost 6 million Jews lost their lives.

85 years after Hitler died,we still have not learned the lessons of what happens when decent men do nothing in the face of evil.

We have the Boko Haram in Nigeria,Isis and its off shoots scattered in the middle East and Africa and many other smaller terror groups  who show us how depravity of the human heart can cause anguish to millions.

Yet we stand by and do nothing.

When will we learn that a single human life lost is too big of a loss for the world.

Every human life  matters.

Our beliefs,cultural differences,skin color are only so that  the world can be  more interesting place to live in.

While  6 million Jews lost their lives in a senseless war,millions of human beings today are losing their lives in civil wars all across the globe.

Thousands more are being killed by terrorists fighting in the name of faith,millions more most of them children   will be scarred for the rest of their lives by these senseless wars.

May we learn to live with our differences,celebrate our diversity and conquer our fears of each other.


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