Photo credits:www.coca-cola
Photo credits:www.coca-cola

Coca Cola has to be the most recognizable brand worldwide.

The company’s story that started in 1886,through the curiosity of an Atlanta pharmacist Dr Pemberton continues to grow and is now a global brand.

On twitter the brand has 2.94 million followers,and more than 89.5 million fans on Facebook.

Coca Cola’s social media success is largely due to a couple of things which all aspiring business hoping to be just as successful can learn from.


A thorough  understanding of how different social media platforms work has seen  brand  leverage the strengths of each particular channel to market the brand, while keeping the message across all  channels consistent.

Coca Cola has been able to complement its main brand channels with regional pages and brand pages for some of its niche products like Diet Cola.

By maintaining  a cohesive brand message,they have been able to use different tactics on the various channels to maintain a consistent brand image.


The engagement Coca Cola has with its audience is fantastic.

We all love our names,now add seeing your name on a Coke bottle or can and Coca Cola had a winning campaign.

Their Share a Coke Campaign was a huge success ..

The campaign that started in Australia in the summer of 2011 saw Coca Cola sell 250 million bottles in a nation of just 23 million.

The campaign has quickly spread t 70 other countries.

And this year the US on May 1st is relaunching the campaign dubbed Share a Coke 2.0

3.Direct engagement

Coca Cola has kept up with its mentions on Twitter.

The brand knows how to give back love to its fans and followers.

By channeling country specific issues to their regional hotlines,this attention to detail has been largely successful for its growth on twitter.

It is almost guaranteed that if you tweet @Coca-cola,you are going to get a reply !


By being strategic and informed  about the power   of social influencers,Coca Cola understood about the power of having people talking about your brand.

The right choice of influencer can advance  your market reach,entice followers to follow your social account as well as sway your audience towards a particular campaign.


You will never go wrong with content that is captivating.

And captivating content is the one that has a story behind it.

One of their campaigns dubbed a billion reasons for Africa captivated me so much i had to write a blog post about it.

We all love stories and Coca Cola has become great at telling stories with its brand through out its history.


Coca Cola knows not everyone likes to hear sales pitches all the time.

That is why they have managed to keep their marketing messages and fun and interactive without their audiences feeling like they are listening to sales pitches.

So go on have a coke!

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