Two years ago,Facebook groups brought together people with common interests.

There were no rules then on how one should conduct themselves .

It was not uncommon to see a few virtual fights here and there.

I developed a few rules for myself which I shared with other members of the group.

Following the overwhelming positive response ,I am re- writing them as a blog post.

Social Media Poster

The rules apply to whatever forum you find yourself on.

1.The internet never forgets,whatever you post be it positive or negative will find its way back to you and sometimes in unpleasant ways.

2.Be nice:Whether you are commenting on a blog post or any other public forum,it will earn you respect .

3.Be helpful:Is your comment helpful,inspiring and well thought out.Then use it.

4.Be relevant:Do not post irrelevant comments online.

5.Ignore;If anyone is being rude or bullying you online,snub them.

6.Think:Before you tag or upload a photo of yourself or anyone else,carefully consider the image anyone viewing the photo will have.If it is unflattering don’t do it.

7.Be decent:What would your grand mother think?Yes,that photo you think is really flattering and has got you 220 likes on Instagram would not impress your grandmother.

Maridadi love,


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