pregnancy inspiration...
pregnancy inspiration…

Amazing things happen to your body body in your second trimester which covers week 13-week 28.

Read more on pre – pregnancy nutrition and your first trimester here and here.
Your blood flow will increase by at least 50 % ,that is why you need extra iron.
The 300 extra calories you need daily……that is for the rapid growth  spurt you and your baby are in.

Baby will be be four times bigger than they were when your first trimester ended.

You need to amp up not only your calorie  intake but to also ensure you increase the amount of protein,iron,folate and calcium to cater for the extra nutritional needs your body demands.

And the constipation and heart burn that characterizes this period…..well it is because the pregnancy hormone progesterone  has slowed down your digestive system.

By ensuring your meals are smaller,snacking on healthy foods when you are hungry and making sure you take your  water between your meals rather than with your meals your digestive system should be pretty happy.

To ensure you are meeting your daily nutritional requirements during this time,your meals should be composed of foods from all food groups,make your plate a colorful one.

During your snack time,eat healthy foods like fruits,vegetable sticks with your yogurt,nuts and seeds or carry a healthy sandwich with you to work.

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