It takes two to make a baby………

Photo credits as above.....
Photo credits as above…..

Bringing a  baby to life is a miracle…..

The Merriam-webster dictionary definition of a miracle is an  extremely outstanding or unusual event,thing or accomplishment.

In matters pregnancy it is very important for prospective parents to ensure they are in the best of health prior to conception.

Two risk factors that may affect your chances of pregnancy are.


Indirect or direct cigarette smoke inhalation does directly affect your chances of pregnancy.

If either you or your partner smoke you need to kick the habit before you start trying out for a baby.

Smoking during pregnancy affects your baby as the cigarette smoke contains dangerous chemicals that cross the placenta  directly from your blood stream into the baby’s.

These chemicals affect your baby’s development as well as increase their chances of infections and disease .


Alcohol is one of the worlds most liberally abused drug and an increasing number of women who are of child bearing age are getting caught up in the misuse of alcohol.

It is a very wise choice to keep your intake of alcohol to the bare minimum if you are thinking of becoming pregnant  or have been trying to get pregnant.

In this case bare minimum means not more than 2 glasses  of wine in a week ,if beer  is your choice of drink not more than 2 bottles in a week.

It is even better to keep off alcohol completely


A couple that is in good physical health  should be able to achieve a healthy pregnancy ,any concerns should be raised with your health care provider.

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