It is strange that my spell check does not recognize ugali…a Kenyan delicacy like that needs to be put in the Oxford dictionary.

In my younger days i hated ugali because the wooden stick used to stir it frequently found a home on my derriere when i was extra naughty.

The more glorified form of ugali that plays is in the  league of gourmet food is the Italian polenta.

Instead of boiling water and mixing in with your usual maize flour try the following tips to add some oomph to kawaida /regular  ugali:

1.Add desiccated coconut to your ugali,fresh i s best but if you cannot get fresh the store bought variety works fine too.The flakes add crunch to your ugali and an absolutely out of this world  nutty  aroma will fill your kitchen as you cook.A tablespoon or two for each cup of water should do.

Coconut milk or cream will also give you great results ,bye bye bland ugali.

2.Add fresh cream to your ugali halfway during the cooking time ,adding  it too early causes the ugali to burn before it is ready.

3.Grate some cheese into the ugali ,stir it into the ugali  then serve.

4.Add sour cream,use it in the same way you use the cream.

5.Mix in millet flour with your regular stir  ugali flour,this should be thoroughly mixed before you start making the ugali or else you get lumps.Cook ugali made from millet flour on medium high heat it burns very  quickly.

6.If you have left over ugali,don’t throw it away,cut it into cubes make an egg/milk and chopped coriander  mix,then fry or bake and have them for breakfast

What other unusual ways do your cook ugali….please share.

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  1. Mummy Tales says:

    Eehhhh, okay this is interesting!! I’m so used to the usual Ugali that I grew up eating, I would be scared to try anything else. So Santina I think I’ll pass on this one, I wouldn’t want to alter the taste of the Ugali that I’m used to 🙂


    1. Santina says:

      Do not be afraid Maryanne,be brave and try 🙂


  2. Wow! This is,…uhm,…CRAZY!!! I love it! I have try at least one. I think the coconut one.


    1. Santina says:

      Let be be honest Grace,i love the coconut one the best…yummy yummy yummy!


  3. wanjoro says:

    Wow so great, i have my own version of no 6 though not as yum as yours. I love my Ugali so definitely trying this


    1. Santina says:

      Wanjoro,try and let me know how it goes….


      1. wanjoro says:

        Will do.


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