Over the weekend i broke a record of sorts,i bought a  bottle of wine vinegar and 30 minutes later it was gone,lying broken on the kitchen floor.

Less than 24 hours late i was back at the store for a new one…*sigh*

The agony of having to fork out more money for another bottle was painfully sweet because wine vinegar is one of those pantry items that can last and last and is especially  handy when you want to kick your dishes up a notch.

You must be asking what use you can get out of wine vinegar.

Some basics first,white wine vinegar is as a result of the process of white  wine fermentation ,wine vinegar has a milder flavor than regular vinegar or cider vinegar.

Use wine vinegar in your salad dressings,for thinning mayonnaise r salad cream in place of fresh lemon juice.

It is also  great when added to marinades to white meat .

Store it like you would store olive oil,in a cool,dark place,its flavors develop over time like wine….

White wine vinegar..
White wine vinegar..

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