What can i say about broccoli that i have not said already….

They are most beautiful, gorgeous vegetables in the whole wide world…

Back to cooking now..

On a recent trip to Nairobi from Nakuru,at Soko Mjnga(fools market) located just before Kimende,you get a lot of vegetables.Cucumbers,broccoli,red onion,garden peas and many others.The reason for this is the cool  and sometimes cold climate of the highland areas like Limuru and its environs  that favor the growth of such crops.

It is such a pity that these farmers for all their hard work get a pittance for such high value crops.

Be warned though,you have to put on your best negotiating demeanor with these guys as they  swarm up to your window the minute you make a stop at the market which is literally on the roadside.Be sure also to park off the road as the place is a known blackspot .

I was brought for about 2 kilos of broccoli by someone special and it has been a joy to eat as much of these vegetable as i could dream up recipes literally daily.

I even thought i should open up a restaurant that served only broccoli in al its delicious forms..

The secret to perfectly delicious broccoli or cauliflower is to blanch the vegetables before adding them to any stew.

That way the vegetables retain their color and all their nutrients.

For these stew you need the following….


1 and  1/2 cups blanched broccoli

5oo grammes cubed beef meat

2 medium sized red onions,sliced

3 medium sized carrots,cubed

2 tomatoes,chopped

2-3 medium sized potatoes peeled,washed and quartered

1 medium sized chopped zucchini

1 level tablespoon tomato paste

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/4 teaspoon crushed black pepper

salt to taste

water/beef broth

Broccolini in beef stew
Broccolini in beef stew


1.In a saucepan add beef and a cup of water then set to simmer covered  till beef becomes tender and no water is left in the saucepan.

2.Add your oil,red onions,tomatoes and carrots,tomato paste ,potatoes,black pepper and salt then cover till the vegetables are softened and there is a thick gravy/sauce in the pan.

.Add your water beef broth enough to cover the meat and let simmer on low heat till it thickens with saucepan still covered.

4.After 10 minutes add you blanched broccoli,slices of cucumber,cover saucepan and turn off heat.

Leave covered for 5-7 minutes,stir the stew then serve.

Serving suggestion:great with turmeric rice,chapatis and any other flat bread.

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  1. jospa says:

    Sounds delicious! I’m wondering though, what does blanching the broccoli mean?


    1. Santina says:

      Jospa,blanching is dipping vegetables in boiling water for a minute or two ,then cooling them in ice cold water to stop the cooking process.It helps especially when you want to freeze vegetables and also ensures you do not loose too many of the vegetables natural goodness and nutrients.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you do try some f our recipes


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