Parsley  can be more than a pretty garnish that adds pretty  accents food.

Did you know it gets rid of garlic breath ,better than chewing mint and with health benefits to boot.

It can  grown in the comfort of your apartment in a po,t either outdoors or indoors and you have fresh aprsley for your kitchen anytime you need it.

Parsley is in the same family as celery and it has been in use for more than two thousand years.

There are two kinds of parsley,flat leaf parsley that packs food with more flavour and can withstand cooking without losing any of its awesome flavours,and curly leaf parsley that has less flavour but is a wonderful garnish because of its curly leaves.

Parsley apart from providing flavour to foods comes packed with vitamin C,iron,Vitamin A nad flavonoids that contain anti oxidants that are great for zapping out those free radicals in the body that may cause disease.

Bowl of fresh parsley

To read more about the health benefits of parsley .

Be sure to try my savoury parsley crepes.

Other noble uses of parsley include:

1.Adding it to soups

2.As a flavour addition to egg dishes like omelettes,frittatas and scrambled eggs

3.In flour doughs for making chapatis,pizzas,bread and other savoury pastries

4.Incorporating it in dishes like mashed potatoes,meatballs.

5.In marinades for flavouring meats,poultry,fish.

6.In salads and pestos.

7.Incorporating it in sandwich fillings.

8.Adding it to butter and using it with toasted garlic bread.

9.Adding it to salad cream or mayonnaise for extra flavour

10.Some people even add the herb to fruit smoothies and vegetable juices.

So there you have 10 ways to have more of this awesome herb.

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  1. Tonia says:

    Is there a difference between parsley and coriander?


    1. Santina says:

      Thanks for visitng Tonia.
      Coriander and parsley are different in taste though they come from the same family ,coriander is referred to as cilantro when a recipe calls for use of its leaves and is used a lot in Mexican cooking while its seeds are referred to as coriander.

      I have not had the chance to taste fresh cilantro though from what i have read they say it has more citrusy flavour.Now that you have asked, I will definetely try out codiander seeds and create a recipe with them and let you know .


      1. Carol says:

        Corriander is dhania (mostly used in indian cuisine)….and parsley is the same as cilantro (in parts of the USA especially west coast) and is used in european and american cuisine.
        The uses are similar but flavors are strikingly different. Fresh parsley is available in shops like Zucchini and Nakumatt and Uchumi at times.


  2. Carol says:

    I think this blog is a brilliant idea Santina!! Keep up the good work 🙂


    1. Santina says:

      Thanks Carol!how about you doing a recipe and we post it for readers to try.
      A friend did a Njahi recipe that proved quite popular.


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