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Kenyan cuisine offers an interesting variety of meals which are colorful,nutritious and very delicious if prepared well.Most of us are used to having it one way but here are ways to have what i consider Kenyan classics in a different way that will have you enjoying them all over again.

1.Deconstructed Githeri

Instead of having your usual fried githeri,why don’t you make a salad out of it.Refer to my recipe here.

2.Sweet potatoes,arrow roots,yams.

Instead of having them boiled for breakfast why not make them the start of the show at dinner/lunch by cutting them into bite size pieces,drizzle some olive oil,salt and black pepper pop into your oven at 350 F for 35-40 minutes until they turn crisp on the outside and are soft when you pass a poke through them.

3.Sour porridge.

So maybe you do not like porridge,why not try my citrus infused sour porridge recipe here.

4″.Corn on the cob”

Corn is the fancy name given to maize and roast maize with pepper and lemon juice is a Kenyan street food very common in major towns.

During the times when farmers have just harvested their crop and fresh young green maize is in plenty,why don’t you have some boiled maize on the cob.

Boil the green maize in lots of salted water with some of the husks on for 10-20 minutes and feast on this simple delicacy.

The best maize for this is always the freshest where if the kernels are pressed “milk” runs out.

NB:Always remember to remove the “silk” from the maize first before boiling and most of the outer leaves.

Bon appetit!

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